Tips For Renting a Car Abroad – Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Car rental agencies sometimes include unexpected charges in your bill that were unnoticed; to avoid these surprises, book through consolidators Holiday autos or Zest and book directly.

Before setting out on your journey, review these 10 tips for renting a car abroad. From selecting an appropriate model to understanding which paperwork may be needed – these will help ensure a stress-free trip!

Book in Advance

Renting a car while traveling abroad has become increasingly popular as it provides travelers with an easy and cost-effective means of transport. Before renting one, however, it is vital that travelers understand local driving and safety conditions and purchase adequate insurance coverage.

Consider whether your credit card provides car rental coverage as this may be an economical alternative to purchasing insurance through the rental agency itself.

Businesses travelers can avoid common pitfalls by booking their rental cars early. Navan makes this possible in just six minutes alongside booking flights and hotels – giving them time to focus on enjoying their time on the open road!

Know the Local Traffic Etiquette

Each country has their own driving rules and etiquette, making it essential that you become acquainted with local driving regulations so as not to be caught off guard by signs and actions that mean something very different from their home country.

Research your driving route thoroughly to gain an understanding of its basic layout, then preprogram destinations in your GPS or mobile phone app. Furthermore, be mindful of which side of the road to drive on as well as traffic etiquette such as lane changing procedures.

Before departing the rental agency, be sure to thoroughly examine your car for scratches and dents in order to avoid paying additional fees. This will enable you to avoid additional expenses.

Know the Fuel Policies of the Rental Agency

An important tip when renting a car abroad is becoming familiar with the return policies and terms of the rental agency. From fuel policy to returning it in better condition than when picked up, become acquainted with all details to avoid additional fees post-rental.

Assume additional charges if your plans change while on route; consolidators services should have toll-free numbers working in each country they cover as some sites can alter currency conversion rates to their advantage and create unfair pricing scenarios.

Business travelers should make sure they’re adequately prepared before driving on the open road with international driving permits and ample insurance coverage arranged, to enjoy their journey with gusts of wind in their hair and smiles on their faces! By following these tips they’ll find themselves driving freely while being sure not to lose focus during their journey!

Know the Rules of the Road

Renting a car abroad requires many considerations, from understanding foreign driving laws to having adequate liability coverage and more. Here are a few tips to make the rental experience simpler and more cost-effective.

Make sure that your local driver’s license will be recognized in the country where you plan on driving. If it isn’t, consider getting an international driving permit as soon as possible.

Before renting your vehicle, carefully examine every inch and document any minor scratches to help safeguard against unexpected charges when returning it. This will protect against potential unexpected charges for damage charges that might otherwise occur upon return.

Make sure that you fully comprehend the mileage policy for your rental car. Not all rentals come with unlimited mileage allowance, and going over this limit could quickly add up in costs.

Have a GPS Device

Even though many countries share similar highway codes, traveling can make it hard to remember all the driving etiquette and rules when traveling abroad. A GPS device helps drivers navigate unfamiliar streets and roads safely so as to avoid costly mistakes like speeding or harsh braking.

Purchase a toll package as this can prevent you from incurring high toll fees at the end of your rental agreement. Also be sure to carefully inspect your car prior to leaving the lot; noting any scratches or dents for later reimbursement from the rental company.

Navan is dedicated to ensuring business travelers enjoy an easy, seamless car rental experience abroad. From booking to support, we’re with you every step of the way.

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