Creative Ways To Make Money With a Pickup Truck

If you have a pickup truck, you could be sitting on a golden ticket to making substantial income on the side. Hauling capacity and sturdy workhorse capability are always in demand. Here’s how your vehicle can beef up your wallet.

Hotshot Trucking

People love to order things shipped straight to home or business, and many are willing to pay to get orders to them as soon as possible. With hotshot trucking, speed is the name of the game. You’ll help people get their small to medium-sized loads in the fastest possible times. Start your own business or contract through a go-between. If you have the flexibility and enjoy the open road, hotshotting can be a great way to get some extra cash. Just be sure your machine can handle the load and miles.

Cleanup and Removal Service

Homes and businesses require this kind of help at all times of the year. Landlords have to clean up after derelict tenants, companies look for trash removal after resets and remodels, and homeowners often need someone to haul away unwanted items. Advertise yourself as means to make their rubbish disappear. You’ll need a strong back and a sturdy truck that you’re not afraid to let take a beating. Ensure you’re prepared for maintenance expenses, and keep an eye out for used pickup truck bodies for sale when you’re ready to refresh your vehicle.


A good-looking truck captures everyone’s eye. Offer to slap an ad on the side as you drive around town to promote a business. Displaying promotional material is an easy way to earn more money without having to do anything more than your daily routine.

Pickup trucks are as American as apple pie and baseball, and so is rolling up your sleeves, working hard, and supporting the economy. With a bit of ingenuity and grit, you can take your truck out and make a few extra bucks.

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