The Benefits of Heavy-Duty Polycotton Drill Weave For Seat Covers

There are several benefits associated with ordering seat covers from a place such as Parts Palace, and then using them in your vehicle. While all types of car seat cover help to cover your car and protect them from dirt and stains, not all covers are the same. The materials the cover is made from can affect the benefits that your car seat covers provide to you. One of the most popular material choices for seat covers is heavy-duty polycotton drill weave. If you are in the market for new seat covers, you may be curious what the benefits of this type of material are. Read on to learn more about some of these benefits. 

Polycotton Drill Weave is a Breathable Fabric

One of the biggest benefits associated with using a car seat cover made from heavy-duty polycotton drill weave is that this type of fabric is breathable. This is important for a few reasons. First, not every material used for car seat covers is breathable. If you live in a climate that gets hot, you may become hot or sweaty as you sit up against these seat covers in the summer months. You may even have a sweaty back when you exit the car. If you live in a climate that is humid, selecting a non-breathable material may cause humidity to get trapped underneath your car seat cover, leading to funky smells or even mildew or mold growth if water becomes trapped between the seat cover and the fabric your car seat is made from. 

Polycotton Drill Weave is Water-Resistant

Another benefit associated with a car seat cover made from heavy-duty polycotton drill weave is that this material is water-resistant. This means that should you spill a drink on the cover, or should a pet have an accident on the cover, the moisture will not seep into the cover and soak through to your car seat. This helps to ensure that the seats in your car remain stain-free. 

Polycotton Drill Weave Can Be Easily Washed

The final benefit to using car seat covers made from heavy-duty polycotton drill weave is that this type of material can be easily cleaned in your washing machine at home with regular laundry soap. There are no special cleaning materials needed, nor do you need to take special precautions when laundering the cover. This makes it easy to clean, making the material ideal for those who may need to clean their seat covers frequently, such as families or drivers who bring their pets in the car. 

Utilizing car seat covers, available at many stores can help prevent your car seats from fading, becoming stained, or damaged, or can help keep you cool when it is hot out. Before purchasing any type of seat cover for your vehicle, it is important that you take the time to learn what material the covers are made from and then ensure you are selecting a material that best meets your needs to ensure the cover offers you the protection you need most in car seat covers. 

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