Auto Parts Manufacturers

Auto parts manufacturers specialize in creating components and assemblies to improve safety, reliability, and performance for automobiles and their accessories. Furthermore, they supply raw materials used in production as well.

Vehicle manufacturers no longer design and assemble every component for their cars in-house; rather, they contract out most of their production to specialized auto parts manufacturers known as Original Equipment Suppliers (OES).

Automotive Replacement Parts

Automotive parts need to be maintained or replaced due to damage, wear and tear or breakdown, which are essential elements for profitability and customer loyalty in this highly competitive industry. RFID tags or serial numbers provide reliable means of providing visibility across production to distribution chains allowing this essential process.

LKQ Corporation is an industry leader when it comes to automotive replacement parts, offering tools, diagnostic equipment and information systems for dealerships and repair shops worldwide as well as aftermarket products like batteries and wiper blades. Their strong focus on North American light vehicle market growth prospects will only strengthen in the years to come. Other top players in this space include DENSO Corporation, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Grupo Antolin-Irausa SA; all three manufacture car components aimed at driveline, powertrain components as well as interior/ exterior/ electronics/body/chassis elements or seating elements – they all produce components aimed at driveline/powertrain/interior/exterior/carriage elements or body/chassis/seating elements within car components manufactured in these companies.

Light Truck Replacement Parts

Fake auto parts have become an increasing threat on e-commerce websites, making it important to shop with only reliable companies with stringent standards and who provide serial numbers or high resolution images as a guarantee that the part is real. If possible, check serial numbers and high resolution images before buying the part to ensure authenticity.

MAC’s works closely with leading replacement parts manufacturers like Coker Tire, Holley Performance, and Dennis Carpenter to bring you high-quality truck parts designed to provide durability and fit – products which undergo the strictest testing available in the industry.

DENSO is the preferred OEM (original equipment Manufacturer) parts provider for many leading car and light-duty truck manufacturers, so you can be confident your truck parts are of the highest quality. Aftermarket parts can also dramatically enhance the appearance and functionality of your vehicle for an enhanced driving experience – consider installing mud flaps to protect the side of your truck from debris while keeping it looking neat for other drivers on the road; seat covers, floor mats or air fresheners can help create more comfort while riding along.

Engine Replacement Parts

In this industry, companies specialize in producing components used in the assembly and sale of automobiles. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) create parts specifically for cars they produce while aftermarket manufacturers supply replacement parts to existing vehicles already on the road.

Top auto parts manufacturers specialize in replacing parts for old or damaged car engines, such as mass air flow sensors and fuel injectors, while popular products include radiator cooling fans, air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps and transmission fluids.

Other manufacturers produce automotive components designed to make vehicles run smoother and last longer, such as seat belts and door locks. They also produce exterior and interior body panels and metal stampings such as hoods and deck lids. Successful automotive suppliers focus on providing their products at an appropriate price point for every type of vehicle owner – these companies invest billions annually into research and development as they provide customers with options suitable for both their budget and driving style.

Transmission Replacement Parts

Auto parts manufacturers provide automakers with an assortment of components for transmissions. This can include clutches, seals and rings that need to be periodically replaced; soft transmission parts needing replacement are best taken care of using a transmission rebuild/remanufacture/overhaul kit, also referred to as an overhaul kit containing both hard and soft replacement parts needed to restore or rebuild an individual transmission.

These kits typically include transmission fluid, new filters, transmission pan gasket and various hard parts in various sizes to meet customer demand. When your customer’s transmission requires repair, rebuild or remanufacture could save them considerable money compared to replacement costs; successful transmission repairs involve only replacing necessary parts; this helps keep trucks on the road longer while decreasing downtime for your customers.

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