Car Parts Repair Basics

An experienced mechanic is key when it comes to fixing damaged car parts; any incompetent work could cost more than expected.

By purchasing parts online, it may be possible to reduce repair costs while saving money. Unfortunately, however, not all shops accept customer supplied parts as repairs.

Air filter

Your engine’s air filter captures dust particles that could otherwise enter its engine and contribute to wear or oil contamination, improving fuel economy by providing cleaner air to reach combustion chambers.

Your engine’s air filter resides inside an accessible rectangular housing near its front. Your owner’s manual should provide instructions on how to open and remove this cover, and ultimately retrieve its filter.


Bumpers are essential safety components that help absorb some of the impact from a crash and help minimize damage and protect other vehicle parts such as engines and body panels.

Modern bumpers are typically constructed out of lightweight yet effective plastic materials, like polycarbonate. Many also contain sensors that detect objects or warn drivers about impending collisions.

Visiting a body shop to have your front or rear bumper repaired could save time. In many instances, repair procedures can be completed within just one day; additionally, most shops provide repainting and blending services so the repaired area matches up seamlessly with its exterior color scheme.


The alternator is what charges your battery and powers any accessories you need, featuring a voltage regulator to prevent power surges, diodes that convert alternating current to direct current for your battery, and rotor/stators that spin together to produce energy.

If your vehicle’s accessories or headlights aren’t functioning, an alternator repair may be in order. An audible whining noise coming from beneath the hood can also signal problems with its alternator – usually triggered by loose drive belts or bearings; we offer replacement of both components to address this problem. A battery and charging system test can reveal whether your alternator needs repair.


Axles are spindles that connect two wheels of your vehicle together in order to propel and keep it on the road. Axles also support weight evenly across all wheels on your vehicle.

If you experience unusual vibrations while driving, especially after passing over speed humps or potholes, it could be an indicator that your axle has become damaged. Rumbling noises, tire wobbling and slow steering or acceleration could all indicate damage.

Grease leaks can also be an telltale indicator of axle issues. When you notice an accumulation of thick grease under your car, that could be an early telltale sign that a rubber boot has failed and begun leaking axle fluid into the atmosphere.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are vital components to the functioning of your vehicle, providing the spark that ignites its air/fuel mixture to run efficiently and smoothly.

Long gone are the days of replacing spark plugs and points every few months for a “tune-up,” though modern spark plugs should last 100,000 miles longer than their predecessors.

When installing new spark plugs, be sure to replace each of them one at a time. Each spark plug fires in its own sequence; crossing one wire over can severely damage your engine.

Tire rotation

Tire rotation should be part of every vehicle owner’s maintenance routine. By shifting your tires from their current positions on your car to different positions on another, usually front to back and sometimes side to side, tire rotation prevents certain tires from wearing down faster than others and extends their lifespan.

Most vehicles place more pressure on their front tires for braking, steering and acceleration compared to their rear ones, leading them to wear down quicker. By rotating regularly you’ll ensure an even wear pattern across your tires and extend their life span.

Our service technicians utilize an appropriate tire rotation pattern for your make and model vehicle to maximize treadwear evenness and maximize tire life.

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