Help With Your CBT Test

The CBT or compulsory basic training course has to be taken by anyone intending to ride a motorcycle or moped on UK roads. To ride legally for the next two years or more, the several different CBT sections must be passed. The good news is that there is help with your CBT test, if all of that sounds somewhat overwhelming.

Don’t Get Too Stressed

The CBT is actually a full day of intensive training and instruction, rather than an actual test. As long as your road awareness skills and overall riding ability have the approval of your riding instructor, you’ll receive your CBT certificate after completing the training. And if you don’t complete the training or don’t get your certificate, it’s not the end of the world; you simply take the course again at some point.

Know the Theory

You’ll be tested on a variety of related topics when you do CBT training, including the Highway Code and road signs in the UK. The focus will also be on a range of common road traffic situations and how other drivers might react, as well as the various rules that bike and moped riders must follow. Understanding the riding skills and licensing requirements are key to making sure your CBT training is a success.

Know Your Motorbike

On the day of the test, your instructor will demonstrate to you all the different controls of a bike, and it helps to have some idea of these before doing CBT training. It will all be a little confusing and overwhelming if you aren’t at least a little familiar with the controls of your bike.

Use a Training School To Book Your Course

You can expect your CBT training to be divided into 5 different sections if you book the course through a training school. A check of your vision and a general introduction to CBT are what you should expect from the first section, while the remaining sections cover everything else. That includes on road riding, on site training and riding as well as on the road training. Amateur moped and motorbike riders are expected to ride safely, understand and adhere to the rules of the road and know the various regulations, and you’ll know all of that after your CBT training. London Motorcycle Training offers the very best in approved and expert CBT training to make sure you get the help with your CBT test that you need.

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