Why You Need London Motorcycle Training

It is a fact motorcycle riders are at increased risk of injury from accidents. However, these risks can be reduced if potential motorbike riders take the time to get the right training before they start riding a bike. Excellent training would mean fewer accidents, better safety and even a reduction in insurance claims.

Motorcycle Training

It does not matter if you are a complete novice aiming to learn how to ride a bike or a current motorcycle rider looking to update your riding skills. If you just take the time to sign up with training company authorized by the driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, you would be a better and safer motorcycle rider. It also helps if the company you choose is accredited by the MCIAC.

London Motorcycle Training

If you are really keen on getting trained by a reputable firm, the London Motorcycle Training company is your best choice. This company offers excellent service at a decent price. The best part is that you have the convenient pay-as-you-go option.

Motorcycle Training Prep and Options

The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course costs £99 – £129. You need a valid UK driver’s license or a valid EU driver’s license registered with DVLA. In case you have the older driver’s license without a photo, you need a photo ID to confirm you are the owner of that driver’s license. In addition, you should have a basic understanding of the highway code and you should know the basics of riding a motorbike even if you are not yet an expert. If you have no prior experience at all, you can take the option of doing your CBT training on a motorized scooter.

The next step is the motorcycle theory test. You can do this at a DVSA centre and you can prepare for the test by visiting websites that offer free preparatory questions for people like you.

Basic Training

After you complete the CBT training and theory test, you should book for two days training. This will cost you approximately £175/day so you are looking at £350 for the two-day training. At the end of this training, candidates should find out from the instructor if they require further training or if they are ready for the practical test.

Practical Tests

This test has two modules. Module 1 involves the off-road element and it involves things like swerving and emergency stop maneuvers. The module 2 is the traditional on-road driving test.

People who have gone through the motorcycle driving course at London Motorcycle Training attest that the instructors are competent and friendly. If you are keen on excellent motorcycle training, just contact London Motorcycle Training and you can start the process today.

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