Why is a Fuel Air Separation System Essential for Diesel Engines?

A fuel air separation system is an essential part of a diesel engine. A good filtration system will improve engine performance and increase fuel efficiency. A separation system combines a fuel pump and filtration system in a compact unit. The separation system will help improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of the fuel injection system.

Fuel Air Separation System

A fuel air separation system is essential for diesel engines to prevent the buildup of sludge and particulate matter. This system consists of a filter element and a canister that separates air and fuel. The air is removed, while the excess fuel is returned to the fuel tank. For instance, Airdog fuel pressure eliminates the air from diesel fuel and improves fuel mileage. It also extends the life of the diesel injection system. The filtered fuel prevents wear on the expensive fuel injection parts and improves engine performance. It can increase the mileage of a diesel vehicle by up to five miles per gallon.

The Proper Fuel Filtration System

Diesel engines require a proper fuel filtration system to ensure the engine’s safety. The filtration system must remove particulate matter and water from the fuel before it reaches the engine. A pre-filter is a vital component of a diesel fuel filtration system. It traps water, emulsified water, and other contaminants before they can pass on to downstream filters. Inspecting the pre-filter can provide insight into the health of the fuel system.

A good primary fuel filtration system should provide at least 25-micron filtration. The micron size, efficiency, and pressure drop should be indicated on the product. A vacuum gauge can also be used to determine when a filter cartridge needs to be replaced. A primary filter should also have a water-removal feature. A mechanical water separator or coalescer is a good choice for removing water. 

Improved Engine Performance

The Fuel Air Separation System effectively improves engine performance by removing harmful contaminants from the fuel. The filtered fuel is then sent directly to the engine. The benefits of this technology include increased lubricity, longer filter life, improved throttle response, and increased horsepower. FASS systems can also lower your maintenance costs.  Fuel air separation systems work by separating air and water from the fuel. The fuel is then injected into the cylinders with the help of a fuel injector. This fuel air separation system reduces the air in the fuel and improves its combustion quality.

Quiet Operation

An aftermarket fuel air separation system will significantly reduce the noise generated by a diesel engine. There are a few factors to consider when installing a fuel air separation system on your truck. One crucial factor is the lift pump. Many factory lift pumps need to be stronger and will not support increased horsepower levels. In addition, these lift pumps may deteriorate over time and cause a drop in fuel pressure. This can cause your fuel economy to drop and even disable your truck if it stops giving you fuel. A fuel air separation system will reduce noise while boosting the performance of your diesel engine. In addition to reducing noise, the fuel will burn cleaner, increasing the engine’s torque. In addition, a fuel air separation system will also increase fuel economy.


Adding a fuel air separation system to your diesel truck is a great way to ensure your vehicle runs cleanly and efficiently. These systems are designed to remove air and vapor from fuel. FASS has decades of experience building fuel air separation systems for diesel engines, and their systems are made in the USA. They work on trucks of all types, including heavy-duty diesel pickup trucks. Every system is thoroughly tested to ensure that it will function properly and meet or exceed OEM standards. Aftermarket fuel air separation systems are designed to fit most diesel engines. The most effective fuel air separation systems use a high-output pump designed for a specific engine. 

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